YouTube: An excellent learning tool

Without even trying to you can while away many hours watching total schlock on YouTube. But YouTube’s better side is where I like to spend my time: viewing instructional videos that help me learn whatever I’m interested in. And you can too. Anything from installing a kitchen sink to repairing a broken volume button on a BMW car stereo. Just search and you’ll find instructional videos for both of those procedures and plenty more beyond that.

I’m proud to have become a small part of the larger YouTube community that shares its automotive maintenance and repair knowledge and experience. My YouTube channel currently features six BMW maintenance and repair videos. My goal was to contribute a different angle, capture what might be missing in similar videos. And I think I’ve done that.

If you’re feeling motivated to share your knowledge, go for it and don’t be intimidated. Many of my videos were filmed with my camera phone in one hand and a wrench in the other. The idea is not to fret over producing the most polished and professionally edited video ever, but instead to get your knowledge and perspective out there for others to learn from. Make sure your work area is as well lit as possible, speak as clearly and as concisely as you can and trust you’ll be contributing something good. As well, be willing to answer viewers’ questions and don’t be upset when you get your first “thumbs down” rating. Ultimately, true automotive enthusiasts will appreciate your efforts and thank you for sharing your knowledge.