Sharing one of my passions

My passion for cars came naturally to me when I was 16 and a newly licensed driver. But I learned quickly that if you are struggling financially, taking your aging Toyota station wagon to a mechanic continually for repairs isn’t always feasible. Fortunately, our “car guy” next-door neighbor was willing to work on our car for little pay, show me how an engine works to propel a car down the road, and be patient enough to teach me how to properly maintain and repair it.

Around that time, my mother gifted me a book that I still display proudly on my bookshelf: “Reader’s Digest Complete Car Care Manual.” I spent many hours poring over it and learning all I could to supplement my hands-on training. It’s a resource I still use.

Many oil changes, tune-ups and repairs under my belt since then, I’ve discovered a new way to learn car maintenance and repair skills. There’s a YouTube community full of car aficionados who kindly take the time to share their expertise. In my own small way I’ve become one of them. Special thanks to my son for helping me film and edit many of my videos.

Here we’ll chat about car care in general and specific to my model, with the goal of teaching and motivating you. And I’ll interrupt that with whatever else might be on my mind. I invite you to spend a little time with me here, even if you have only a smidgen of desire to learn about car maintenance and repair. I hope you’ll take the time to share with me as well.


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